eDisclosure Automation Plugin

Simple eDisclosures  Plugin

Formerly eDisclosures Automation Plugin

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Although processing a single eDisclosure can be considered fast, the time adds up when you process many of them during the day.


The Simple eDisclosures Plugin automates several steps in the process of sending Disclosures thus minimizing time it takes to send each disclosure by few minutes.  This plugin also sets selected Plan Code to custom fields to help auditing if someone sends wrong disclosures.


The Simple eDisclosures Plugin will save your users approximately 2 minutes per disclosure. Considering it takes approximately 10 minutes to send each disclosure with all the custom selections, the eDisclosure Automation Plugin will allow sending disclosures approximately 20% faster.  Besides time saving, the eDisclosure Automation Plugin will also significantly increase consistency due to less manual data entry.

  1. Automatic Plan Code selection ~ 10 seconds
  2. Re-Enabling of ‘Order’ button in Audit dialog – only helps some loans ~ 5 seconds
  3. Automatically changing Sender ~ 5 seconds
  4. Automatically adding users with proper dates ~ 60 seconds
  5. Automatically setting SSN4 Auth Code ~ 20 seconds
  6. Automatically setting Notification checkbox & date ~ 10 seconds
  7. Total saving: 110 seconds.