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Empower Your Team with Automated Underwriting

By April 29, 2024No Comments
automated underwriting

Tired of promises of staff reduction with new automated underwriting technology? At Lender Toolkit, we believe in building a stronger team. Our AI Underwriter™ isn’t here to replace your underwriters, it’s here to empower them through the power of AI.

Here’s how AI Underwriter transforms underwriting:

  • Reduced Workload for Underwriters & Processors: Leverage automated underwriting to free up your team. AI tackles tedious tasks like data validation and document verification, freeing up your team to focus on complex underwriting decisions and providing exceptional customer service.
  • Improved Accuracy with AI-powered Analysis: AI analysis minimizes errors and ensures consistent underwriting decisions, leading to a smoother loan origination process.
  • Increased Efficiency for Faster Loan Processing: Streamlined workflows and faster pre-approvals through automated underwriting mean processing loans quicker, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and profitability.

Worried about underwriter and processor buy-in for AI Underwriter? We understand their concerns. AI Underwriter seamlessly integrates with Encompass®, acting as a powerful tool, not a replacement.

Here’s what veteran underwriters who rely on AI Underwriter say about it:

  • “AI handles the heavy lifting, freeing me to focus on the nuances of complex loans.”
  • “The consistent and accurate pre-approvals from automated underwriting keep borrowers happy and engaged.”
  • “AI Underwriting helps reduce errors and streamlines processing, leading to faster closings.”
From one of the nationals largest lenders, Synergy One CEO, Steve Majerus shares his experience with AI Underwriter.

Ready to unlock the potential of your team with automated underwriting? Schedule a demo today and see how AI Underwriter can transform your Encompass workflow.

Lender Toolkit’s AI Underwriter offers a powerful solution for lenders using Encompass. By automating tasks and improving accuracy through automated underwriting, AI Underwriter empowers your team and streamlines the loan origination process. Check out our other Mortgage Automation as a Service (MaaS™) products here.