Toolshed Screenshot

Click here to download ToolShed The Toolshed plugin is free to download and comes with a large set of free tools and plugins that can immediately help Mortgage Lenders using the Encompass Lending Platform to be more efficient and compliant, as well as reduce administrative overhead.

Lender Toolkit’s ToolShed is the deployment mechanism for all of the Lender Toolkit PowerTools. It acts as a centralized hub for managing a lender’s licenses and installations for all Lender Toolkit’s plugins, custom input forms, and other enhancements to the Encompass Lending Platform.

Use the Toolshed to:
– Browse all available tools and view pricing for the Expert, Optimized, and Enterprise subscription tiers
– License and Install Free Tools
– Gain Trial Licenses and Install Subscription Tier Tools
– Activate and Deactivate tools easily