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In Encompass when it comes to reporting on the count for the number of Underwriting Conditions on a loan there are few options. Allowing Underwriters to easily see and review the number of conditions as they’re getting completed, or sending emails to Loan Officers, Processors, or any number of other parties to a loan with a summary of how many conditions are waiting for them would be a valuable functionality.


The Conditions Counter plugin in Lender Toolkit’s Toolshed keeps count of the number of conditions in a loan and places the values into custom fields that can be reported on. It comes with a robust configuration panel that can allow the tool to be expanded and show summaries for very specific condition scenarios. It can organize the counts by responsibility and status, and put those counts into new custom fields that the admin creates for those purposes.


Underwriters and other users who have the ability to review information that they want to see directly from the Pipeline or reports are often more effective at prioritizing their workload. Visibility into the number of Underwriting Conditions a loan has can not only help day-to-day users of Encompass, but can also provide useful insights for management and executive reports.