PowerTool Product Descriptions


  • Core Plugins
    • Admin Utilities – Allows you to get and/or set the value of any field in a loan.
    • Field Enumerations – Allows you to see the enumerations behind Encompass® fields that have a preset list of values. Included in Admin Utilities.
    • Current User – Sets a group of custom fields in a loan file to the current Encompass® user details when he or she opens the loan file. This is useful when wanting to perform custom actions with business rules for certain users. Included inside the “Admin Utilities” plugin.
    • Settings Export – Export a variety of different Encompass® settings in Excel format. Included in Admin Utilities.
    • Loan Folder Automation – Write rules to automatically trigger loans to move to different folders.
    • Form Navigation – Adds a back/forward arrow and/or dropdown of your last visited input forms inside the loan file, just like inside an internet browser,
    • CSV Import – Allows you to batch import loans from a CSV file.
    • Input Form Set Automation– Allows you to write rules to automatically set the input form set template when a loan is opened.
    • User Unlocker – Lets you unlock a user account from within ToolShed. This is useful for non-admins.
    • Loan Monitor – Shows field changes in real time. Helps admins quickly see all other “hidden” field changes as a result of one change.
    • Field Explorer – Helps admins and developers to quickly find and copy-paste fields and options.
  • Business Intelligence Plugins:
    • User Touches – Counts how many times and how much time users spend working on loans.
    • Auto-Close – Automatically closes loans to allow other users to work on them. Can support different timeouts per user/persona.
    • Alert Counter – Sets a custom field with the number of alerts so the field value can be used for BI and reports.
    • Documents / Files Counter – Counts the number of docs and unassigned files, which combined with UW touch count can help assessing loan difficulty.
    • Condition Counters – Counts the number of conditions with different statuses beyond UW Conditions. Also can help assessing loan difficulty and progress.


  • BizRuleAnalyzer – Allows you to quickly search all business rules, form code and all customizations inside Encompass®. Find all rules, field triggers, advanced code, and form code that display a specific message, or access/set a specific field.
  • Code Wizard – Intelligent Code Editor, Analyzer, Error Checker for Calculations and Field Triggers.
  • Admin Suite:
    • Loan Debugger – Intelligent analyzer for Encompass® debug logs. Shows exact cause and effect of which fields caused which changes. Separately shows errors for quick actionable items.
    • Report Explorer – Analyze reports and derive two action plans: 1) unused fields that can be removed from RDB and 2) fields used in reports that should be added to RDB.
    • Home Counseling Automation – Automatically pulls in all home counseling places
    • Audit Fields – Exports all audit field values into one chronological list for quicker analysis of loan data.
    • Activity Log – Shows Encompass® activity.
    • Custom Title Bar – Allows you to change the Encompass® title bar. Best use case: to show Server Name, Loan #, userID in the title. Can use any field values.
    • Disable Services – Allows you to define profiles / rules to disable individual services. Examples: No Credit before HMDA, no Appraisal on FHA/VA loans, etc.
    • FFIEC Lookup – Allows to automatically look up Census Tract data for property address.
    • Custom Actions – Allows you to attach custom actions to loan open, save, and exit events


  • Operational Suite:
    • UW Conditions Trigger – Allows you to write field triggers to add UW conditions based on field changes.
    • UW Condition Fields – Allows to put [FieldIDs] in condition descriptions. When conditions are added, [FieldIDs] automatically substituted with loan values.
    • Conversation Log – Allows you to define user/persona based rules to automatically popup a dialog box at loan close (if the loan was saved) that requires the user to add an entry for the conversation log entry on the loan changes.
    • Document Lookup – Puts a button next to eFolder Doc Title to quickly find docs based on keywords instead of scrolling through dropdown.
    • Document Access – Allows an admin to control access to docs based on doc title as opposed to default based on role adding doc. Can auto hide Purchase Advise.
    • Ready for Shipping – Allows an easier UW workflow to click “Ready To Ship” checkbox in eFolder Doc view and automatically lock docs from LO / LP modifications.
  • Update-It – Mass update data in one or unlimited loan files manually or automatically.
  • Append-It – Append and convert data into existing Encompass® loan files with data from external CSV of text source files manually or automatically.


  • Export-It – Export almost any Encompass® field including standard fields, custom fields, milestone, doc tracking and more. Convert data formats on the fly. Export, real-time, manually or automatically in a batch process using the built in Timer. Export User and Organization information form the Encompass® Settings.
  • Email-It – Send unlimited automated emails with attachments to unlimited Loan Team member or recipients outside your company and automatically save copies of the emails to the conversation log of each loan file.
  • eLog-It – User defined email templates are used from inside Encompass® loan file making sending emails quick and easy. A list of the recipients and copy of the emails are automatically added to each loan files Conversation Log.
  • MERS Auto-Registration – Automatically register loans with MERS based on business rule triggers.